Sofitel Concept

Sofitel Luxury Hotels is a multinational operator with branches all over the world. Between the client and LSD Associates, there was a desire to create a luxury hotel that maintained a strong design identity in St. Petersburg, Russia. The vision behind the hotel was to magnify the five senses starting with the lobby and reaching up to the penthouse lounge. The overall concept was to be an iconic modern French design, with unique and memorable color schemes. It was to be inspired by French art and in particular, the work by the father of Op art, Victor Vasarely. His work was a catalyst to our approach not only to graphics and colors, but also to spatial and three-dimensional design. Upon entering the penthouse lounge, one is immediately welcomed by the curvy layout complete with abstract ceiling designs, while the featured chandeliers, which were intended to be provided by Philip Stark, contain over 2.6 million pieces of crystal, thus creating an enveloping design that appears to keep swirving into itself. The rooftop lounge is marvelous in its contemporary approach while the sheer luxury of fine materials is awe-inducing. Crystal chandeliers have added a sense of sophistication to the circulation areas and the ambitious seating cluster design have added a touch of modern flair.

Project Team: LSD Associates

Category: Hospitality

Status: Concept