Our Services

At our soul and in our daily practice, we are a service company. Our vast suite of capabilities allows us to intersect with one another, involve experts at every level, include our clients’ visions and improve each project we touch. A space is not merely a structure. It is a living, breathing element that resides in a larger environment, and must exist in a community and improve the experience of those who use it – as well as those who never will. Below is a brief description of our services.


The heart and soul of what we provide. Our comprehensive design consultations include conceptual and schematic design, design development and contract documentation, consultation with bidding & negotiating and contract administration. Design embodies all we touch. And we are a combination of artists and tacticians, imagining, coordinating some of the world’s most iconic experiences.

Planning & Development

We combine global reach with a tremendous local touch. Our commitment to our communities allows us to effectively navigate local regulatory concerns.


We begin each relationship using listening as our most powerful tool. Using your goals, objectives and space requirements, we develop innovative, imaginative, highly functional and operationally efficient solutions. Our ability to understand your unique needs and ability to apply our expertise to furthermore enhance your vision is second to none.

Project Management

We are task-masters at every level. The fears of most clients stem from lack of transparency, slipping time frames and rising budgets. Our business-savvy project managers offer technical expertise that contributes to streamlined, on-time, within-budget projects. Our process includes design-quality management reviews and consultant coordination, budget management, timely reporting, scheduling and cash flow forecasting and trending. All results. No surprises.

Interior Design

Our interior design group, offers creative and intelligent responses to your goals and requirements. We know how to listen and infuse your organization’s personality into a space.

Graphic Design

Whatever you imagine, we can create. Our in-house creative studio brings an entirely different dimension to LS Design Associates. We help you envision and we incorporate your brand, developing award-winning materials. We take the visual to a new level.


A space needs to do more than function. It should inspire and connect. We work with clients to understand their brand in order to create dynamic and meaningful environments that engage and energize. A brand isn’t just an identity. It is your culture, exemplified by your setting.


We believe in being well out front. Our research team conducts and disseminates evidence-informed and comparative research worldwide, allowing our teams to create operationally efficient and effective design.

Sustainable Design

Sustainability is infused into all that we touch. We build energy simulation models early in our process to help inform decisions made in our design studios. Our approach is collaborative and integrated, focused on conserving resources, achieving energy independence, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and effectively improving your bottom line.

3D Design

The ability to conceptually visualize. From interpreting raw facts to participating with clients in full-blown design charrettes, 3- D design is interpreted and transformed into tangible, meaningful, artistic representations. The bottom line: We work with our clients to bring their ideas to life.


The ability to visually capture. Beautiful, honest images of your property are the best way to bring people to the door. Whether you’re a real estate agent or homeowner, looking to entice potential buyers, we work with clients to bring a natural feeling of home design into residential & corporate real estate photography for use across all marketing platforms and real estate property listings sites. From capturing expansive exteriors to intimate interiors, our work allows prospective buyers to observe the full potential of a space and truly see themselves in a space through beautiful, high-quality images.

Virtual Staging

The ability to visually re-create. The space is finished, the home is built, the property is ready it’s just missing… all the things. Virtual staging gives you the freedom to digitally furnish any empty space at a fraction of what it would cost to physically stage it, with only a rendered photograph. Design a home by showing the true potential of a property and appealing directly to your ideal buyer or renter without breaking the bank on physical staging elements. We offer photorealistic virtual staging for both residential real estate and commercial properties.

Video Production

The ability to capture static motion. Share a story that starts a bidding war. Our Professional video productions are a real estate marketing staple. Highlight more features, cover more square footage and masterfully document the elaborate details and unique surroundings that inspire a narrative so powerful that it will captivate your audience like never before and potentially move your clients to act.