15 Shades Of Gray

Gray is one of the hottest interior colors of the recent past. Available in a multitude of hues and shades, gray has become the ‘go to’ color for home owners. The contemporary trend of stylish and sleek interiors with clean and well defined lines is a part of the reason. With subtle shades of semi-minimalism and neutral settings gaining popularity, gray has shot into spotlight. Beautiful, diverse and providing the perfect backdrop for accent colors, gray is elegant, sophisticated and understated.

From the cooler hues to the warmer tones, the contrast offered by different gray shades allowed LSD Associates to embrace a flowing basic color scheme for this duplex loft in Miami, Fl. Perfect for every nook of the loft, it blends seamlessly with other vibrant tones. Yet, even as a standalone color, gray is both rich and refined.

Project Team: LSD Associates

Category: Apartments

Status: Built