Upper East OB/GYN

Commissioned to this design project in December 2019, gave us the opportunity to navigate uncharted waters in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, causing us to turn a more critical eye to current design measures for infection prevention and creating a healing space for patients.

A patient’s experience of wellness is undoubtedly tied into the visual aesthetic of the facilities’ spaces. Current healthcare facilities and their future to deliver healing is dependent on how well the interior finishes perform together at their highest level. We were able to design & build a healthcare facility encompassing touchless technology in measuring temperatures, dispensing hand sanitizer, dispensing carbon filtered water, along with Dyson’s touchless faucets with integrated air dryers, Toto’s Washlet toilet seats with integrated bides and automatic sanitizing bowl wash features.

As for our selection of finish materials and colors, we used a color palette of warm whites with light oak accents in the common areas in combination with high gloss grays and satin whites in the exam rooms and laboratory.

Seamless floors were poured utilizing Promix Polyurethane Self Leveling Resin specifically in papyrus white with the sole purpose of delivering a sterile look & feel to all occupants on a daily basis.The use of recessed base boards with LED’s in 4000K was to create a sense of a walking awareness while all ceiling lighting in 3000K was designed to create a visually calming experience for all occupants. A new HVAC system was installed implementing HEPA filters and the addition of a fresh air intake unit.

Project Team: LSD Associates

Category: Healthcare

Status: Built