Urban Fitness

A successful fitness and gym design concept require particular attention with regards to space arrangement. Each space and its users have unique needs; therefore, each design scheme should provide the best possible environment that’s functional, safe and comfortable. If the interior space is small, cramped and cluttered, then people feel less comfortable when training. However, that’s not to imply that in order for patrons to enjoy an ultimate fitness experience you need a large facility. At the onset, good space planning can turn a compact space into a comfortable sphere that’s capable of facilitating numerous workouts and accommodate adequate training equipment and storage. Similarly, a pleasant and non-intimidating spacious layout plan that exhibits a strong focus on design and zones is essential to boost the gym’s appeal towards the target demographic. High ceilings, ample circulation and subtle switches from a dense to an open area ensure flexibility within the indoor environment and helps avoid a “boxed-in” feeling. A thoughtful gym interior emphasizes and supports the many strands of environmental and human ethics, as well as the global pursuit of good health and happiness. Additionally, wellness-driven design strategies that implement the correct use of space, lighting, color schemes and material selection, not only maximize user-satisfaction, but also ensure a greater turnaround on customer attraction and, ultimately, long-term retention.

Project Team: LSD Associates

Category: Hospitality

Status: Concept